If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. ~Bruce Lee

The truth is we must accept reality but we do not have to accept limitations. A very harsh reality can be losing your legs in a war, an auto accident, or to an illness. Seeing that reality as a plateau rather than a permanent limitation means finding a way to not only survive, but finding a way to thrive in your new reality.

That is the truth about all the limitations in our life. We can spend a great deal of time crying and moaning that life isn’t fair or we can devise a way to work around the limitation. I believe the obstacles in our lives can do one of two things: 1) stop us in our tracks, or 2) force us to become creative.

When we choose to rely on our imagination, visualizing a new reality, and believing in possibilities even before that new reality is actually here, I believe we are using our minds as they were meant to be used. Limitations are borders where reality ends and where imagination and a new story begins.

Challenge: Today spend some time considering a limit/plateau in your life. Then get creative with your imagination. Visualize a new reality until you can actually see it. Believe in the possibilities. Write a new story.

“God With Skin On”

Everyone should have someone in their life…at the very least ONE person…who loves them unconditionally. People who love us unconditionally are “God with skin on” expressing love that knows no limits.

To be loved that way stirs something in us. It can change lives. And if we are the ones giving love to others, it will change our life also. Being the giver or the receiver, we all benefit. It is love for the pure freedom and joy of it.

The One Presence and One Power that many call God loves us all in just that manner. Knowing that love…of One Presence and One Power…can inspire us to behold the highest and best in others and to give them unconditional love.

And so the circle continues…love, loved, loving.

Write A New Story

Not where you thought you’d be in life? Did your dream job turn out to be dull? Has your perfect relationship ended? Now what?

We have fixed ideas about how life should be.  When we see only the perfect job in a specific way…and our romantic life with just one specific person…and the perfect home in very specific terms…we limit our options.

Here is a 3 step way to get to what you want and need in your life…

  1. Quit thinking and talking about all that is wrong with your life. What we focus on expands! So talk about what you want in your life…be positive.
  2. Be creative! Tell a story of possibilities that can happen in your life. Be open to new, wonderful possibilities.
  3. Keep doing #1 and #2!! Magic happens when you take action. Remember: The future is created in the present moment.

You can write a new story!!

Perfect Love: Is there such a thing?

If we love one another, God lives in us, and God’s love is perfected in us.” ~1 John 4:12

What John is saying here is that loving one another raises our consciousness. When we recognize that we have an indwelling higher power and that this indwelling power IS love, we also are capable of loving others as God loved us. Wow! What peace that would bring!

As I have read and reflected on this scripture, I have always read “If” as “When.” There is no IF in my awareness of the nature of God…and no conditions on that presence because God is love.

However, when it comes to loving other humans, it is easy to place conditions on loving them! And, in truth, because of physical or mental danger, we may need to restrict our interactions or even our physical presence with other human beings, but we never need to restrict our love.

This is where the difficulty comes in. When other people pose a threat to us, or perhaps, have already harmed us, our human instinct is to withhold not only our physical presence but also our love. As humans, we get so caught up in the physical appearance that we become confused and we lose sight of what is real in spirit. We get lost in the illusion and lose touch with our true nature. In other words, placing boundaries on the physical person may be necessary, but never the divine person they truly are.

The power of unconditional love is God power. There is no other power. The first Unity principle states: “There is only one Presence and one Power in the Universe: God, the Good, Omnipotent.”


So I’ve re-written this scripture in my own words and my own understanding. From my soul awareness it reads: “When we consciously and unconditionally love one another, we express our Truth, our wholeness, and our authentic God power. I can do that with or without the physical presence of any other person.”


Rev. Donna

“Come on, people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now.” ~The Youngbloods


Overcoming Fear

The Star Wars movies introduced us to the wisdom of Yoda. I believe one of the wisest quotes he offered was this: “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.

Overcoming our fears is the way to personal freedom and personal growth. So the logical first step would be…stop avoiding your fear. Get clear about what it is you really fear. Can you name it? Be curious!!

Perhaps the opposite of fear is curiosity. There is an old saying: “curiosity killed the cat.” But maybe curiosity did NOT kill the cat. Maybe curiosity helped the cat transform to a lion! And that’s why the cat is missing…not death, but transformation!

Curiosity brings enthusiasm and anticipation. Being open and enthusiastic creates new ideas and possibilities and reduces fear. Remember discoveries in your past that came from being curious. Curiosity pushes scientists and other adventurers to experiences and discoveries that make life easier and more fun. Hey, time to get curious!

And always remember that FEAR is simply an acronym. False Evidence Appearing Real.

releasing fear and getting curious…Rev. Donna































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Resolve to Evolve

Just a week into the new year and already we’ve given up on our New Year’s resolutions! Why is that?

I don’t believe it is because we are lazy or irresponsible. I believe it is because we are meeting those new resolutions with negativity and fear of failure. Often stating an intention to give up a habit can come from a feeling of fear and negativity.

We resolve to lose ten pounds…because we believe we are fat. We resolve to spend more time with family…because we believe if we don’t, they will feel we are ungrateful for their help and support.

Resolutions made from fear will produce acting from fear and fear is always nonproductive. A resolution made from joy and free choice is more likely to succeed. So why not resolve to lose 10 pounds to feel healthier and resolve to spend time with family to strengthen our bond with them?

Buddha said, “Now all that is left is for you to become yourself.” Resolve to evolve. Let evolution help you go where you want to go with your new year’s resolutions.


Rev. Donna


Change…everyone’s favorite word, right?

Life itself is change. We see it everywhere in nature…in animals, in weather, in trees. Change happens with the seasons in nature.

In springtime we see trees change as new leaves or blossoms pop out and summer brings even more color, more flowers and abundance. Fall comes in with blazing color but eventually leaves fall to the ground as winter creates trees bare of leaves and color.

That same harmonious ebb and flow is at work in our individual lives also. A divine rhythm marks our days with endings and beginnings. And although we have an intellectual understanding of the natural transitions in our lives, we often question the purpose or  meaning in what we are experiencing, whether it is a beginning or an ending.

As humans we experience seasons of activity and growth and seasons of rest and renewal also, because life is about both growth and change…and both growth and change give us the opportunity to explore new ways of being and living.

Weathering the storms of life teaches us how to cope with pain, loss, and overwhelming change…and not simply cope, but thrive. Everyone one of us is a part of this cosmic dance of the universe. Let’s choose to learn and thrive and dance!


Rev. Donna