Living “in gratitude”

We don’t teach meditation to young monks. They are not ready for it until they stop slamming doors.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

We stop slamming doors when we recognize that everything good in life is a gift. We can’t earn it – it is free. That is when we truly are living “in gratitude” every day. We remember that life is a gift to be grateful for and not a right to be claimed.

Set yourself free. Quit slamming doors. Change your mind and change your life. Live in gratitude.

walking thru life barefoot and stubbing my toe on the Truth…Donna


In The Flow

Writer Haruki Murakami says, “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.”

New growth comes, not by observation, quick resolve or loud proclamation, but an inner process that that expands our awareness.

Often we take a “spiritual bypass” which means we deny our feelings, do not work through our pain, put a smile on our face, and say we are ok.

How about slowing down, calming down, don’t worry, don’t hurry and trust the process and actually go through the process?

Affirm: I accept perfect timing for all good things!

A Word For Each Month

Every month I have one word to contemplate during my meditation time. I choose the words months ahead. The word for May is surrender…not a favorite word for me.

Surrender means to cease resisting or to relinquish control; and so I am practicing that today. Healing begins when we relax and surrender. Mental resistance keeps us in emotional turmoil and stops healing.

Spiritual surrender means trust…relaxing. It is an attitude.

Go with the flow. Surrender: relax, don’t cling.

Surrender to the source from where you come and to where one day you will go back again.

Pray for me. My intellectual understanding is far greater than my practical ability.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing. You see things not as they are, but as you are.” ~Eric Butterworth

What we see in our outer world is a projection of what we are feeling in our inner world. If what we are seeing isn’t what we want, we can begin the work to change our life.

Since our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, we must change our inner world first. The entire process is mental. When we change our consciousness, our experiences change.

What we fail to see from within, we will never experience externally. We live from within out.


A Little Tincture of Time

There is a story about Pablo Picasso that holds a great life lesson for all of us. It seems that one morning in the French resort town of Nice, an American woman was shopping in the outdoor market when she saw a man who resembled the famous artist Pablo Picasso. She approached the man and asked him, “Excuse me, sir, but aren’t you Pablo Picasso? I am one of your biggest fans. Would you be willing to take just a few minutes and do a simple sketch of me? I’d be happy to pay you.”

Picasso studied the woman’s features and then, with a smile, said, “Yes, I will.”

Picasso picked up his sketchpad, opened his pad, took 2 pieces of charcoal from his jacket pocket and went to work. Fifteen minutes later he turned the pad and showed the woman his work. It was spectacular and she was thrilled!

She opened her purse, took our her checkbook and asked, “How much will that be?”

Picasso answered, “Five thousand dollars.”

Her jaw dropped. She said, “Five thousand dollars? But, sir, the picture took you only fifteen minutes to draw.”

“No, madam,” he responded, very seriously. “You don’t understand. The painting took me 80 years and 15 minutes to draw.”


The life lessons you’ve learned…everything you have ever done…has led you to become who and what you are today, just like Picasso. Every win and every loss, every good person or evil one encountered and dealt with, every lesson you’ve learned along the way, has created the person you are today. Laughter and tears, mistakes, big wins…it’s all you!

It takes a lot of little things create a big thing. It isn’t just dumb luck. It isn’t just a fluke. Living your life with all its experiences has built a consciousness and created who and what you are today.

Keep on learning and seeking! Remember, if you are still alive and breathing, this isn’t the end of the trail. This may be where the next big adventure really begins!

I’m holding the high watch! Rev. Donna



Controlled Chaos

“Barely controlled chaos” was the term someone used long ago to describe the way I had organized my office. I readily admit that I use my right brain a lot more than my left brain and I also am aware that organization is not my go-to skill. Still I was surprised to hear that assessment. However, it did make me aware that order in my surroundings may help with order in my life AND that it may all begin with clarity in my mind.

Since that wake-up moment I review my surroundings and my state of mind on a regular basis. I now realize that for me to have order in my life I must have clarity and order in my mind. One of the best ways I’ve found to clarify my thinking is to have a mission statement for my life. From time to time, especially when I make life changes, I revise or create a new mission statement.

My system for creating a mission statement for my life was created by incorporating bits and pieces of “How To” from other systems. There are lots of good ideas out there and if my system doesn’t resonate with you, I encourage you to search for ideas that are most useful for you.

STEP 1: What is important in your life? What do you want out of life? I make 2 columns on a sheet of paper, one labeled WANT and the other labeled DON’T WANT. I use single words rather than phrases or sentences. That forces me to think deeper about what I want.

STEP 2: Choose the top 5 words in each column. Number them from 1 (most wanted) to 5.

STEP 3: Use those words to create a mission statement.

Here’s my latest attempt:

WANT: peace, love, health, prosperity, community, integrity, beauty, family, travel, wealth

DON’T WANT: chaos, unawareness, fear, regret, conflict, deceit, revenge, fear, hatred, ugliness, anger    (yes, I know “fear” is in this list twice. I didn’t realize that until I was proofreading. I left it the way I wrote it because I thought it may be significant in my life at this time)

Five Words chosen for WANT: love, integrity, community, health, prosperity                         Five Words chosen for DON’T WANT: regret, deceit, fear, chaos, revenge

MY MISSION STATEMENT:  I am committed to living a life of integrity with a healthy body and mind, while contributing my love and prosperity to my chosen community. I will no longer tolerate or involve myself with people who practice deceit, revenge, or create chaos or fear. I will feel no regret in my decisions.

With a mission statement you are no longer shooting in the dark. You now have a target to aim for and a ruler to measure your accuracy.

Give this exercise a try. Even if you don’t end up writing a mission statement, choosing the words may provide an “ah-ha” moment.

walking barefoot through life and stubbing my toe on Truth every so often…Donna

Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone…for instance, an unruly child or an angry friend…who is not open to hearing what you are saying? It can be very frustrating! Not only that, but nothing is really accomplished. That same thing happens when we are not open to Spirit. Well, except Spirit doesn’t get frustrated; we do! But still nothing is really accomplished.


Opening up can be difficult due to past experiences. We can all likely recall times when we opened up and we were hurt. Because of the fear of being hurt, we began to close down, even if it was just a little.


We have to remember who we are…we are the way God shows up on this spiritual plane called Earth.  We are the magnificent beloveds of the Beloved.


How do we learn to be willing to open up to our own greatness and greater-yet-to-be? We do it by remembering and trusting that we are here on purpose. We do it by trusting that we are here to share our gifts with the world. We do it by having faith in our own abilities. We do all that by practicing, practicing, practicing!


As we practice more and more, we automatically begin to open up. Allowing our light to shine opens us to receive the gifts of Spirit! It’s a win-win!