Experiencing Life as a Mystery Tour

Pondering what’s next in life for me and I have been considering the analogy that Life is a mystery tour; perhaps the Ultimate Mystery Tour. We sign on for the tour when we come into this world. We have God, universal Spirit, as our Tour Guide.  We can relax and cheerfully anticipate each day and each encounter, believing that Spirt/Higher Power has planned things well.

Imagining that myself and other travelers are eagerly looking forward to what will happen and excited by the events because we are all living in the Now moment, without attachment to the hows and whys of our destination. No worries needed on our part.  Just as in a “real life” tour, we trust that our guide has plans in place that will enhance our lives and also our enjoyment of the trip. We can let go of thinking that we need to be in charge of everything or anything.

There have been other people who have written or pondered life as a journey but often those people saw the journey as mundane and only the final destination as important. I see both our journey and our destination in the same way a friend once said of her life, “Everything is up in the air!” And another friend immediately replied, “How wonderful! What potential!”

Yes, all of our cards are always up in the air, no matter how much of an illusion we have of being in control. We are on a mystery tour, and what potential there is!

I am relaxing and looking forward to experiencing happiness, excitement, sharing and laughing, learning, going places and seeing things I’d otherwise not experience.

Truth is…we do indeed create our own reality. I am relying on faith and positive anticipation to know that everything in my life has good in it. I may sometimes have to pause and ponder…but I am confident, that my experience of the Ultimate Mystery Tour (my life) will be joyous as my source and guide has planned.


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