A Word For Each Month

Every month I have one word to contemplate during my meditation time. I choose the words months ahead. The word for May is surrender…not a favorite word for me.

Surrender means to cease resisting or to relinquish control; and so I am practicing that today. Healing begins when we relax and surrender. Mental resistance keeps us in emotional turmoil and stops healing.

Spiritual surrender means trust…relaxing. It is an attitude.

Go with the flow. Surrender: relax, don’t cling.

Surrender to the source from where you come and to where one day you will go back again.

Pray for me. My intellectual understanding is far greater than my practical ability.


3 thoughts on “A Word For Each Month

  1. SURRENDER hits me where my “control freak” issues live! That and patience seem to be this lifetime’s challenges…I hold them in my heart and also observe and pray when I see myself slip


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