A Little Tincture of Time

There is a story about Pablo Picasso that holds a great life lesson for all of us. It seems that one morning in the French resort town of Nice, an American woman was shopping in the outdoor market when she saw a man who resembled the famous artist Pablo Picasso. She approached the man and asked him, “Excuse me, sir, but aren’t you Pablo Picasso? I am one of your biggest fans. Would you be willing to take just a few minutes and do a simple sketch of me? I’d be happy to pay you.”

Picasso studied the woman’s features and then, with a smile, said, “Yes, I will.”

Picasso picked up his sketchpad, opened his pad, took 2 pieces of charcoal from his jacket pocket and went to work. Fifteen minutes later he turned the pad and showed the woman his work. It was spectacular and she was thrilled!

She opened her purse, took our her checkbook and asked, “How much will that be?”

Picasso answered, “Five thousand dollars.”

Her jaw dropped. She said, “Five thousand dollars? But, sir, the picture took you only fifteen minutes to draw.”

“No, madam,” he responded, very seriously. “You don’t understand. The painting took me 80 years and 15 minutes to draw.”


The life lessons you’ve learned…everything you have ever done…has led you to become who and what you are today, just like Picasso. Every win and every loss, every good person or evil one encountered and dealt with, every lesson you’ve learned along the way, has created the person you are today. Laughter and tears, mistakes, big wins…it’s all you!

It takes a lot of little things create a big thing. It isn’t just dumb luck. It isn’t just a fluke. Living your life with all its experiences has built a consciousness and created who and what you are today.

Keep on learning and seeking! Remember, if you are still alive and breathing, this isn’t the end of the trail. This may be where the next big adventure really begins!

I’m holding the high watch! Rev. Donna




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