Controlled Chaos

“Barely controlled chaos” was the term someone used long ago to describe the way I had organized my office. I readily admit that I use my right brain a lot more than my left brain and I also am aware that organization is not my go-to skill. Still I was surprised to hear that assessment. However, it did make me aware that order in my surroundings may help with order in my life AND that it may all begin with clarity in my mind.

Since that wake-up moment I review my surroundings and my state of mind on a regular basis. I now realize that for me to have order in my life I must have clarity and order in my mind. One of the best ways I’ve found to clarify my thinking is to have a mission statement for my life. From time to time, especially when I make life changes, I revise or create a new mission statement.

My system for creating a mission statement for my life was created by incorporating bits and pieces of “How To” from other systems. There are lots of good ideas out there and if my system doesn’t resonate with you, I encourage you to search for ideas that are most useful for you.

STEP 1: What is important in your life? What do you want out of life? I make 2 columns on a sheet of paper, one labeled WANT and the other labeled DON’T WANT. I use single words rather than phrases or sentences. That forces me to think deeper about what I want.

STEP 2: Choose the top 5 words in each column. Number them from 1 (most wanted) to 5.

STEP 3: Use those words to create a mission statement.

Here’s my latest attempt:

WANT: peace, love, health, prosperity, community, integrity, beauty, family, travel, wealth

DON’T WANT: chaos, unawareness, fear, regret, conflict, deceit, revenge, fear, hatred, ugliness, anger    (yes, I know “fear” is in this list twice. I didn’t realize that until I was proofreading. I left it the way I wrote it because I thought it may be significant in my life at this time)

Five Words chosen for WANT: love, integrity, community, health, prosperity                         Five Words chosen for DON’T WANT: regret, deceit, fear, chaos, revenge

MY MISSION STATEMENT:  I am committed to living a life of integrity with a healthy body and mind, while contributing my love and prosperity to my chosen community. I will no longer tolerate or involve myself with people who practice deceit, revenge, or create chaos or fear. I will feel no regret in my decisions.

With a mission statement you are no longer shooting in the dark. You now have a target to aim for and a ruler to measure your accuracy.

Give this exercise a try. Even if you don’t end up writing a mission statement, choosing the words may provide an “ah-ha” moment.

walking barefoot through life and stubbing my toe on Truth every so often…Donna


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