By the sea, the beautiful sea…

Walking along the beach, waves sliding over the sand and then withdrawing, leaving pictures in the sand. Isn’t that just like our minds? An image washes up on the shores of our mind and then, swoosh, it’s gone. Those images aren’t permanent even though they seem real.

That’s the catch-we stare at them, memorize them, and step inside them. And our perspective changes from beholder to the beholden one. We are so caught up in the images that we don’t give attention to the Force behind them. Perhaps we need to release our faith in appearances…and not just the negative ones, but the beautiful ones too…and realize that they are only images. Neither the beautiful ones or the distressing ones have substance; whether it is a wave or a thought.

When we use our spiritual perspective we see a wider view. We see not only the images in the sand , but the entire shoreline. We see the Divine under all images. Ah, spiritual perspective…our ability to stand back and see the Divine in the sand and the sea. Which is why it is such a “divine” place for bare feet!


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