On difficult relationships

Anne Lamott defines mercy as radical kindness bolstered by forgiveness. She says it allows us to change or alter our interactions with difficult people.

Hey, it’s worth a try. Meditation has changed/altered my life in many ways so why wouldn’t it be possible for meditation to change and alter my relationships with difficult people in my life? Here goes…

I am sending loving kindness to myself, my loved ones, the difficult ones, and the entire world.

May I be well
May I be happy
May I be at peace

May those I love be well
May those I love be happy
May those I love be at peace

May those I find difficult be well
May those I find difficult be happy
May those I find difficult be at peace

May all beings be well
May all beings be happy
May all beings be at peace.

And so it is and it is so!

Peaceful easy feeling all around me…
Thank you, Spirit!


Life Goal

To be the same person privately, publicly, and personally.

It’s All In Your Mind

There is a creative Power in the universe and you are part of it. It is a spiritual Power that transcends all religions and all doctrines and it is available to all…because it indwells all.

In humans this Power functions as the creative Power of mind. We can use this power to heal or to make sick; to build or destroy…depending on how we use our individual minds.

Your experience of life is the result of the way your individual mind is using this transcendent Power. You may have a wonderful experience or you may have difficulty, because you are using your mind in a particular way.

Many people call this Power “God”, but this Power has no investment in what it is called. It doesn’t favor one religious practice over another. It simply remains a Life Principle that responds to what is going on in the mind of an individual.

Ultimately, it’s what is behind your spiritual/religious practice that counts; and that is consciousness. Consciousness is the key.

If we believe, in consciousness, that we deserve the good we are seeking; but we also believe that God won’t deliver it—this Power of Mind must respond according to our belief.

Plan today to move forward in your life by embodying health, happiness, and love. Believe it is in your life NOW. And, listen, even if you have a day when you seem to be standing still-or moving backward-so what? Remember this: when your automobile has made a turn in the wrong direction, you don’t fall apart or quit, you simply stop, re-assess, and make a move in the right direction! Do the same with your thoughts.

Let go of the concept of good and evil. you are dealing with a Power that responds to whatever is going on in your mind and you can control your mind. You can move yourself forward, backward, or you can stay right where you are. The choice is yours.

Change your mind and you’ll change your life!
Rev. Donna

An Invitation to Love

I believe we all receive many invitations to wake up to the love that is within us and it is easy to accept those invitations that come with grace and joy. But what about the invitations that come with a challenge or resistance or even with some pain?

It’s easy to say yes to flowers and smiles and sunny days and nice people, but what can we do when life has situations that raise fear in us? The body reacts as if there is a saber-toothed tiger out there!

Stella Terrill Mann wrote this for someone who had tiger trouble:
“There’s a saber-toothed tiger out here,
Get ready to fight or to flee,
Said the cave man of old,
But I am more bold.
I bring him in, and we both have tea.”

It is saying that there is a power within us that can overcome any problem we meet in the world outside ourselves. We must learn how to use the power, time after time and day after day…until it becomes second nature and we will not flee from the tigers in our path. We will make friends with the new situation that looks like a tiger.

When we learn to use the power God gave us, we will stop having caveman reactions to modern-day situations. We will be quoting Paul, “I can do all things through him (Christ) who strengthens me.”

My new resolve: I will not flee from tigers. I will invite them in for tea.

Divine Order

DIVINE order in my mind; this is my prayer. Divine order so that there is no darkness or indecision. Divine order in my mind —divine balance, divine wisdom, divine light.

Divine order in my body; this is my prayer. Divine order so that there is no lack of strength, no lack of life. Divine order in my body—divine healing, divine energy, divine renewal.

Divine order in my emotions; this is my prayer. Divine order so that there is no hurt, no bitterness, no grief. Divine order in my emotions— divine forgiveness, divine love, divine peace.

Divine order in my home; this is my prayer. Divine order so that there is no inharmony, no unfulfilled need. Divine order in my home—divine agreement, divine joy, divine supply.

Divine order in all my activities; this is my prayer. Divine order so that there is no failure, no unhappiness, no frustration. Divine order in my activities—divine purpose, divine happiness, divine success.

Experiencing Life as a Mystery Tour

Pondering what’s next in life for me and I have been considering the analogy that Life is a mystery tour; perhaps the Ultimate Mystery Tour. We sign on for the tour when we come into this world. We have God, universal Spirit, as our Tour Guide.  We can relax and cheerfully anticipate each day and each encounter, believing that Spirt/Higher Power has planned things well.

Imagining that myself and other travelers are eagerly looking forward to what will happen and excited by the events because we are all living in the Now moment, without attachment to the hows and whys of our destination. No worries needed on our part.  Just as in a “real life” tour, we trust that our guide has plans in place that will enhance our lives and also our enjoyment of the trip. We can let go of thinking that we need to be in charge of everything or anything.

There have been other people who have written or pondered life as a journey but often those people saw the journey as mundane and only the final destination as important. I see both our journey and our destination in the same way a friend once said of her life, “Everything is up in the air!” And another friend immediately replied, “How wonderful! What potential!”

Yes, all of our cards are always up in the air, no matter how much of an illusion we have of being in control. We are on a mystery tour, and what potential there is!

I am relaxing and looking forward to experiencing happiness, excitement, sharing and laughing, learning, going places and seeing things I’d otherwise not experience.

Truth is…we do indeed create our own reality. I am relying on faith and positive anticipation to know that everything in my life has good in it. I may sometimes have to pause and ponder…but I am confident, that my experience of the Ultimate Mystery Tour (my life) will be joyous as my source and guide has planned.

Morning thoughts…

Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without the insistence that they satisfy you.” ~Wayne Dyer

My mind can comprehend unconditional love as a possibility BUT my mind and my heart are challenged by what I see humans, myself included, doing and being. Maybe withholding our acceptance of some people is a defense mechanism based on the illusion that we are safe if we keep some people out of our heart. But if our true nature is Oneness, can we really be happy in separation?

This is what I am pondering today…my lack of acceptance for those who want to disenfranchise certain portions of the population from rights and experiences. And if I do NOT accept them, am I not doing the same thing I despise in them?

A world that works for everyone and includes everyone is challenging to imagine. Not believing everything that everyone else believes but respecting all people’s rights to believe what they feel is best for them and for their life…living a life that includes and accepts all beings.

Well, THAT should keep me busy for a few lifetimes!